It’s Time to Retire Your Windows XP Computer

The Funeral is Coming

Microsoft Windows XP will no longer be officially supported after April 8, 2014. Make plans now for your transition.

Microsoft Windows XP,  the primary operating system for most PC users since 2001 will no longer be supported after April 8, 2014.

This means that no more upgrades or bug fixes will be provided by Microsoft.  Your computer won’t stop running, but if you encounter any issues that would be resolved by an update from Microsoft, you will no longer receive a fix.

The time is now to start planning for the post Windows XP future

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Not only do we fix the machines, but we make them do things to get you more business! Visit Red Ball Applications - our "alter ego" that provides programming services. We can help you with any Microsoft Product and we can help you with installing and configuring QuickBooks ms_quickbooks

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I’ve known and worked with Bill for over 15 years, first as his manager and then as his client to date. He is knowledgeable, tech savvy, an objective straight-shooter and loyal. He is a quick problem-solver and self-sufficient. He has a great personality and gets along with all levels of the company. He is a valuable asset.

I have used Bill for both personal and business IT solutions. He identified the problem quickly and provided great results on both occasions. He worked on our family PC to clean up truncated files and optimized the hard drive within a 24 hr time span. Great Turnaround. In the studio he configured my 3 mac for files sharing and networking in a day. I certainly will hire him again for any future computer problems.

William came highly recommended to me by an associate and has been an amazing go to person for all technology strategies and he even refitted my office to make it more efficient. He is extremely current in all computer issues, inventive and reliable. I couldn’t be happier with the results of his work at my company. He has a wide range of services to offer and I would highly recommend him to both small and large businesses.