Upgrade Your Equipment

Have you clicked on your mouse and stared wishfully at your computer, waiting for it to respond?

Why is it so slow?

It is probably because the software that runs your machine is always updating and getting better.  Better software just naturally expects that you have better hardware.

The reason is a theory called “Moore’s Law”.  Really simply, this guy named Gordon Moore and some other guys back in the 1970’s figured that computer power would double every 2 years or so.  The “brains” of a computer is the number of transistors on a chip.  As the technology to squeeze more of them onto a processor gets better, the computer gets smarter and faster.

So far they have been right, and scientists think that they will be until the year 2020 or so.

Moore's Law Graph

Look at the advances since 2000! This chart only goes to 2010, but it is safe to say that the advances have not stopped.

Support for Windows XP is ending in April.  Start your transition now.

Support for Windows XP is ending in April. Start your transition now.

Are you still using the same machine you bought 5 years ago?

If the software you are using expects a faster computer, then you are going to have to wait while the machine thinks harder with its smaller brain.

Newer operating systems are faster and more efficient.  The moderate investment in new computer hardware can repay you in the time saved performing regular tasks.

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