Tired of the Windows 10 Upgrade Icon?


If you have noticed, on your Windows 7 or 8 computers you have a little Windows 10 icon, nagging you by your clock. It’s tempting you to click it so you’ll get your free upgrade to Windows 10.  Window 10 has all kinds of great features, including the one where Microsoft gets to learn more about you for marketing reasons (read the fine print in your agreements next time to find out how.)

Of course all this extra computer work requires your machine to do it. If you have an older machine, upgrading may make it slower or stop other things from working.  Contact us if you are unsure, but a good suggestion is not to do anything until you check with us.

Anyway, that little thing is nagging away in the corner.  Let’s get rid of it.

See that little “UP ARROW”? Click on it and choose Customize:


See the “GWX Get Windows 10” at the top?

Use the pull down to the right to choose “Hide Icon and Notifications”.


Vola!  It’s Gone!


You’ll still get other popup messages from Windows to upgrade.  Contact us today to help get rid of them too!