Confidential FBI Report: Aggressive Hackers can Take Over your Business

Sony Hacked by #GOP

The screen some Sony Pictures employees woke to one morning in November 2014.

On November 24th 2014, the employees at Sony Pictures arrived at work and were greeted by this screen on many of their computers. Their systems had been hacked. Their mail wasn’t working, and all of their critical systems were down. Their IT department discovered that all their systems were compromised, and that it could take weeks to bet things back on line. The company told it’s workers across the world not to access their computers.

In the days that  followed, the hackers released at least 5 films, including some still in theaters and some yet to be released.  Personal information about actors, internal documents and all kinds of confidential information is being released.

The initial speculation was that the attack could be by the North Koreans, who are reportedly upset about an upcoming James Franco and Seth Rogan film called, “The Interview”. The film is a spy parody about two Americans who plot to kill the “Dear Leader” of Korea, Kim Jong-Un. Subsequent threats from the hackers lead Sony to allow theatres to pull the film.  The film industry and even the President objected to the response, and Sony has released the film on a limited basis in theatres and it is available on line.

This episode prompted the FBI to release a 5 page confidential “flash” to big businesses providing them with details about the malware.  This information was made available to anti-virus software makers and will be part of an update to protect your computer systems.

Of course this protection is centered on you having a current anti-virus program that is running and is updated. If you or your business is concerned or needs more information, please contact us.


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