Does your Wiring Look Like This?

Do you have a mess like this in your wiring closet? This is a real danger to your business.

Bad Wiring

If you do have a mess like this that controls your network, we need to work together to straighten it up. Click on the image below to see the difference between a “messy” wire closet and a “clean” one.

Bad wiring Before and After

If you have networking issues, almost all problems can be traced to wiring and how things are organized. The cleaner things are the easier it is to find and fix problems.

Over time most technical people just plug in their stuff and leave. They don’t take down old or broken things that they don’t need or understand.  Over time the problem grows and grows.  For a small fee we can get rid of all the old stuff, and cleanup and organize the remaining equipment that you need to run your business.

Clean Wiring Closet

A well organized wiring closet makes the network run better.