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Upgrade Time

Bill Gates has an upgrade to Windows 10 for you Just in time for the Holiday Season, Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 on January 15th. That means no more fixes or patches. If a hacker finds some weakness, there will be no fix and no support. Your computers won’t stop working, but you […]


How Do I Choose My Next Computer?

Of late people have been discussing the right new device for their computing needs. The answer is that there isn’t one answer for everyone. To make the best choice, all the factors need to be considered. Here are a few things to think about to help make the best choice. An easy way to think […]


Website Grand Re Opening

At last, I’ve redesigned the Darron Networking website. Instead of the old-fashioned, hand coded HTML site from 1999, we are now sporting a modern design that looks great on both computers and mobile devices. It always seems that I’m taking care of others, leaving not enough time to take care of the important part – […]


Wasted time on Old Technology

Are you frustrated by the speed of your computer? Are you thinking it might be time for an upgrade? Sitting in my office is this wonderful old relic. It brings back great memories of my first experiences with personal computers.  It was a time before fax machines. One report that I ran back then took […]