Computer Network

What is a network?

[wp_ad_camp_1] A computer network is a collection of PCs and other devices connected together with cables, so that they can communicate with each other for the purpose of sharing information and resources. Networks vary in size: some are within a single office, others span the globe. There are various network technologies, the most common being […]


What kind of Cable do I need for a Network?

[wp_ad_camp_1] Overview Twisted pair cables and coaxial cables are different types of cable that can be used to connect the equipment when creating the network. Twisted pair cable is easier to use. Coaxial Cabling Coaxial cabling was used in Ethernet networks before twisted pair cabling. A coaxial network is created by joining sections of coaxial […]

When do I expand or upgrade the network?

[wp_ad_camp_1] Overview Networks provide the connections and features that are required now, while remaining flexible for growth in the future. There are three common reasons for expanding and upgrading the network: More ports are required More bandwidth is required Peer-to-peer networking has become complicated Note: When adding equipment to the network, you must be aware […]


Launch of the IBM XT

I.B.M. Extends it’s Line of Small Computers The International Business Machines Corporation introduced a more powerful version of its personal computer yesterday and lowered prices on the older model by as much as 15.5 percent. The new machine, the Personal Computer XT, or “extended,” will sell for about $5,000 in its basic model, which will […]


The First IBM Personal Computer

The International Business Machines Corporation, once slow to recognize that computers were getting smaller, is apparently determined not to make the same mistake in the emerging personal computer market. In the 1960’s, I.B.M. was slow to enter the minicomputer field, allowing upstarts, particularly the Digital Equipment Corporation, to acquire a dominant share of the market […]