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Confidential FBI Report: Aggressive Hackers can Take Over your Business

On November 24th 2014, the employees at Sony Pictures arrived at work and were greeted by this screen on many of their computers. Their systems had been hacked. Their mail wasn’t working, and all of their critical systems were down. Their IT department discovered that all their systems were compromised, and that it could take […]

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Don’t Stress Out! Have a Ball Instead!

We know you never wanted to be a computer technician.  It’s just that to find a good one that is cost effective is hard to find, right? Well look no further. To make it easier to remember our phone number (201) 796-7967, we have a ball for you. If you are a legitimate potential customer […]


Backup Your System

It is hard to believe that even though so much depends on information technology that few people have reliable, tested backups of their most important data. If you haven’t thought about it for awhile, take a few moments to consider how bad things would be if your computer wouldn’t start. If you are a portable […]


How Do I Choose My Next Computer?

Of late people have been discussing the right new device for their computing needs. The answer is that there isn’t one answer for everyone. To make the best choice, all the factors need to be considered. Here are a few things to think about to help make the best choice. An easy way to think […]