Bill Darron PortraitDarron Networking is my business.  I’m Bill Darron and I have been working with technology for more than 25 years.

I spent most of that time working for big companies, providing hands on support to regular people who were perplexed in some way by the technology they needed to use.

I’m someone who understands all that “mumbo jumbo” and can just make it work for normal people.

After helping for other people for so many years while employed by big companies, I decided to strike out on my own and offer small businesses and individuals the same kind of service.

I know that most people can’t afford a full time “IT Guy”, so I fill the void.  I provide prompt, personal service on both hardware and software.

Support comes in two types: Hardware and Software.  Visit Red Ball Applications for your software support needs

Support comes in two types: Hardware and Software. Visit Red Ball Applications for your software support needs

I didn’t go to school to be “a computer guy”. Just like my customers, I found that I needed to use computers to do my job. So I learned how computers worked.  Helping others with computers became my job. I never forget that all this technology exists to make work easier and more efficient. Technology is a tool to accomplish a task.  My job is only done when a person can get their job done.

I really want to help people use technology so they can be productive.

Call (201) 796-7967 and we can get started.

Here’s a few of the technology projects I have worked on:

  • Supported an office of 50 people using IBM DOS and Mac based equipment back in the day when the 5 1/4″ floppy was the networking protocol (a sneaker network where you saved  file on a disk and then walked to the hallway to a workstation to print it.)
  • Performed moves, adds and changes for 50 users of a ROLM telephone switch (back in the day when it was the “network” with voice mail.)
  • Devised a method to use serial connections to transfer data between a photocopier and a mini computer for billing.  This sped up billing considerably.  Before this, a person printed a calculator tape of billing information from a series of photocopiers and then keyed it into a computer manually.
  • Served as a Unit Manager for mobile television programs using satellite trucks and land line telephone IFB connections (that thing in an on camera television person’s ear hooked to a wired telephone so they can communicate with a remote location – in the days before wireless communication.)  I coordinated the set up of production elements, and the management of the crew.   My job was done when I handed off the set to a director and producer so they could film segments for live television interviews.
  • Supervised or performed the physical premise wiring for several locations — running low voltage wires and terminating them with jacks and patch panels for computer network and telephone system use.
  • Installed, maintained, supported and upgraded dozens of small to medium networks with anywhere between 5 and 50 users in multiple locations around New York and New Jersey.
  • Installed, maintained and supported several telephone systems made by AT&T for businesses.
  • Provided onsite and remote application support for hundreds of users.